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Germany’s economy has been going strong for the past 10 years due to record low unemployment rates and developed public and private sectors. For several years, the country’s GDP has been increasing by more than 2% annually and, despite a slow in the second half of 2018, ongoing investments in construction and equipment are forecast to bring...

Lisbon has been named the most promising property market in Europe for 2019 by Emerging Trends in Real Estate. Factors such as high quality of life and strong leadership have contributed to Lisbon’s victory.1 For those of our readers interested in investing in Lisbon, and the Portuguese real estate market in general, we are happy to explain why...

The property market in Britain has long been considered one of the most established and secure investment options in Europe due to the country’s well-developed economic, industrial, financial and political systems. It is no wonder, then, that the UK boasts some of the highest-priced properties in the world (according to MoneyINC, London is the...