5 Things to Think About when Investing in Property Crowdfunding

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Property crowdfunding is an innovative investment concept that allows you to pool resources with others and become a real estate investor without spending too much all at once. With this model, you benefit from diversification because you can select several projects of your choice to invest in, which is rare in other real estate investment models. You also delegate all the work associated with the management of the property to a third party. You thus enjoy a hassle-free investment experience and can enter the real estate market with only a small investment. Nonetheless, even with all the advantages offered by this novel solution, there are certain things investors need to remember when looking to invest in property crowdfunding.


1) Investment Returns Period


If you want to receive an immediate return on your money, property crowdfunding may not be the solution for you. This model is better suited to those investors who have the patience to wait for the real estate market to hopefully grow. The main aim here is for the property to generate value, which can take some time. This waiting period can be rewarded by greater stability and security and less volatility than certain other investment solutions, such as Forex trading, ICOs, and start-ups.


2) Risks


With property crowdfunding, you can invest in several projects, increasing diversification and decreasing the chances of you not receiving expected returns. Still, as with any investment, there are risks. It is always important to remember that there some factors cannot be predicted, such as a downturn in the housing market, void periods, economic crises, defaults, and natural disasters.


3) Research

Before you make an investment decision, it is a good idea to read a little about the model you are choosing. Besides property crowdfunding, there are several ways of investing in real estate without directly buying property, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), REIT Exchange-traded funds (REIT EFTs), wholesaling, real estate mutual funds and so on. Each of these investment strategies has its advantages. Crowdfunding gives investors easier access to properties and also provides more freedom in asset selection while REITs hold various types of properties in their portfolios and wholesaling allows investors to flip a property without purchasing it. Some platforms can even combine all these features. So, spend some time researching investment options before making your decision on which is best for you.


4) Financial Planning

It is a good idea to determine the amount of money you can comfortably put toward investment opportunities before investing. It is good financial advice to have an emergency cash fund with several months of wages set aside before making an investment. The good news is that many real estate crowdfunding platforms offer investments that can be accessed for only small sums, which can allow you to make your first real estate investments without changing your current lifestyle at all.


5) Regulations

Make sure that the property crowdfunding platform you chose complies with all the necessary regulations. You can use the official FCA register to see if the platform is accredited. Always check the license of the platform and its legal status. As they say, better to be safe than sorry!


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The unique range of advantages offered by property crowdfunding makes it an attractive investment solution for those eager to invest in the real estate market. In fact, it may be the investment model you have been searching for. Moreover, if you are mindful of elements such as the investment returns period, risks, the need to do some research, financial planning, and regulations, you may make a smart investment that can generate good returns. Just remember to be vigilant and conscientious. Good luck with your investment!

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