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We’re REALTY BUNDLES and we want to change the way you invest in real estate. Our team includes experts in real estate, tech, law and finance who are all dedicated to making your next investment smart and easy. By collaborating with well-established partners from around the world, we offer you investment opportunities available in a new, exciting and approachable format.


Bundles are fun-dles

REALTY BUNDLES is an investment platform for private real estate funds, which we call ‘property bundles’. We connect investors, big and small, with selected agencies from around the world who offer exclusive property bundles through our user-friendly platform designed to maximise your success by minimising risk and removing the hassle of the investment process altogether.


A smart platform for smart investors

When we built this platform, our goal was to eliminate three of the main barriers to real estate investment: the money barrier, the knowledge barrier and the risk barrier. REALTY BUNDLES allows almost anyone, no matter how small their budget, to invest in and generate passive income from real estate. We offer a user-friendly system that makes investing as easy (and fun!) as buying a pair of shoes online and, by offering bundles instead of specific properties, we help you build a diversified property portfolio that will reduce your exposure to risk.


So, what are bundles
and why should I want one?

A bundle is a financial product, first and foremost. It is a real estate fund that combines a group of properties. Remember what your mother told you about never putting all your eggs in one basket? She was right.

Let’s say you invest 100 € in one building and five minutes later a meteor falls from the sky and splat, that building is gone and so is your money. Now, let’s say you take your 100 €, divide it and invest 10 € in ten different buildings. The meteor may have destroyed that one building along with your precious 10 € but you’ll be left with nine other buildings that are still standing and yielding profit.

What bundle types are available?

We’ve got friends all over the world

We only work with agencies that meet our strict standards. They provide professional services and manage our bundles’ properties. The agencies gain new customers they didn’t have access to before and income from recurring investments in the bundles. Investors gain access to exclusive financial opportunities that are only available through REALTY BUNDLES.
It’s a win-win!

That’s the logic behind our platform. It helps you build a diverse investment portfolio as a risk management strategy.

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