How does RealtyBundles provide a hassle-free service?

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Investors who are interested in the global real estate market often face a number of obstacles. Those who want to invest in an asset in another country need to learn the intricacies of the foreign market, find the right property for the right price, check and purchase the property, complete the appropriate legal paperwork, communicate with the contractors, manage the tenants, solve maintenance problems… Is there a way to invest in the global real estate market without all this work? With RealtyBundles, it’s possible.


RealtyBundles opens a new page for investors where the company provides a fully hassle-free investment experience in groups of properties in different countries. How is it achieved? By cooperating with professional local real estate agencies who compete for investors, RealtyBundles has created a real estate crowdfunding marketplace that works to benefit both sides. Investors receive ready-made investment packages and benefit from agencies’ expertise and the freedom to choose their own groups of assets to invest in. In return, agencies receive a flow of numerous investors, which helps them to build and manage sustainable portfolios and provides them with long-term income. Here is a bit more about how RealtyBundles creates a hassle-free experience for investors:


1) Choosing the asset


Local real estate agencies search for attractive property deals in their respective areas and propose them to the RealtyBundles team. Then, RealtyBundles involves real estate experts and certified evaluators to analyse the profitability of the proposed properties. This helps RealtyBundles to choose the most promising assets with the highest potential in terms of returns, the HPI of the area and so on. Local real estate agencies also aim to propose below-market-price deals (if possible) so that the potential of the property or local market is fully realised.


2) Managing the assets


After the purchase process is complete, the assets start working to bring in different types of yields, which include rental income, capital appreciation and renovation and flipping gains. The agencies manage the assets and conduct regular inspections of the properties. Their work also includes communicating with tenants, collecting rental payments, resolving maintenance problems and supervising renovation activities.


3) Supervision and control

While local real estate agencies do the day-to-day work related to the properties in their country or city, RealtyBundles supervises all their processes. The main responsibilities of RealtyBundles are to monitor and control the activities of the agencies, to ensure properties are kept in a good condition and to organise periodic asset evaluations to create a healthy, competitive environment in the marketplace.


4) Gains

RealtyBundles supervises the property estimations to determine the return on investment (ROI) for the next three years. ROI varies from one Property Bundle to another and is calculated based on a variety of forecasted indicators such as HPI, capital growth, renovation potential, rental potential and other possible yields. RealtyBundles can offer investors yearly reports (if available) that feature a full description of the asset history and share value growth.


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As you can see, by implementing a cooperative system with local real estate agencies and experts within one, united marketplace, RealtyBundles has created an entirely hassle-free investment experience for investors in the global property market. This system can be suitable for people of any age (18 years and older), profession or experience. It is the objective of the company to create one platform that features a range of opportunities and involves minimal hassle for investors.

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