How to diversify your real estate investment on one platform

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Every investor wants to maximise their chances of making a profit and one key way of achieving this is by reducing risk. However, this goal can be difficult to achieve due to the high volatility of the modern investment environment. That’s why many people choose diversification, one of the most important principles of a healthy investment strategy.

Diversification is an investment technique that reduces risk by distributing the investment amount across various projects, industries and areas. Its main aim is to maximise profit by allocating funds to several niches that will each react differently in the event of a crisis. Even though diversification is in no way a 100% guarantee against financial loss, it is considered a “must have” for investors eager to minimise risk.1

Usually, people use various investment sources to achieve diversification. But, what if you could invest in a diversified portfolio on a single platform and, what’s more, you would not be confined to your usual geographical borders when investing? Welcome to RealtyBundles, a real estate crowdfunding company that offers ready-made property portfolios in different countries. RealtyBundles has created a marketplace that provides investors with a wide choice of investments that vary in location, type, size and managing real estate agencies.

We have crafted the unique concept of Property Bundles, portfolios that include a curated set of properties with no single point of asset failure. As there are several assets in each portfolio, the underperformance of any single asset can generally be compensated for by the remaining assets. Moreover, you can invest in several portfolios at once, thus reducing your risk even further.


It is no longer necessary to spend hours and hours researching options to reduce your investment risk. With RealtyBundles, you can diversify your investment portfolio on one platform with just a few clicks. A new era of global and affordable real estate investment has arrived!

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