Investing with REALTY BUNDLES is simple. Our philosophy is based on three basic principles:

  1. Make real estate investing accessible to everyone regardless of net worth
  2. Spread the risk of every investment through intentional diversification
  3. Ensure that the investment process is simple, transparent, and easy to understand

These principles are our response to the major challenges in traditional investment: high threshold for entering real estate investment, high risks due to low diversification, and lack of transparency.


How do we make investments accessible?

Simple. We lower the threshold for entering real estate investment to a level accessible to everyone!

Traditionally, there’s always one constant obstacle to investment - high capital. As a result, many potential investors are locked out of opportunities because they don’t have $100,000 in the bank.

Those days are now over. In recent years, the field of real estate investment has undergone a revolution with the transition to online investing in real estate worldwide.

With an innovative model like ours, everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, can now access exciting investment opportunities with as little as 1000 NIS.

Of course, that doesn’t mean high net worth investors are locked out; quite the opposite. We know what prevents people from investing, and we’re here to change it. We welcome everyone to step into this extraordinary world and invest in their future because you deserve it!


How do we spread investment risks?

Diversification, diversification, diversification!

An important cornerstone of our model is the built-in diversification for every investment - you can be assured that your money is safe with us.

Let’s say you invest $150,000 in one real estate investment, and that property loses half its value in 5 years, then you also lose half or more of your initial investment.

Using our unique model, each investment is divided into a portfolio of different assets across different industries and locations.

So, let’s take the same $150,000 and invest it into one portfolio we call a ‘Bundle’ - that one investment will be in several assets.

Your money will be invested wisely in different types of assets - rental properties, development loans, hospitality units etc.

If one of these assets fails or loses its value, other assets in the bundle absorb the risk - and you will not incur a heavy loss like in the traditional investment model.

Our mission is to change the traditional investment framework, making hundreds of projects and real estate funds accessible worldwide, allowing investors to build an investment portfolio with widespread risk.

How do we source all these investment opportunities across the world?

Simple. We partner with professional real estate agencies and institutions that are experts in their local market. We provide them with funds, and they supply us with quality investment opportunities.

We work with only the best and most reputable partners, and all of them are thoroughly vetted.


How do we make the investment process transparent and easy to understand?

We care about you. It can be challenging to adjust to new technologies and new things. That’s why we have created an intuitive and straightforward platform where anyone can start investing with just a few clicks!

All you need to do is to register, choose the opportunity, and begin investing. Simple as ABC.

Of course, our professional team is available anytime to respond to any questions or problems you may have so that you can relax and invest.

** The above is general information only, and should not be considered as advice and / or investment recommendation. Any investment carries with it a risk of financial loss.