Investing in Portuguese real estate has never been so easy!

We at REALTY BUNDLES launched the YGI Bundle knowing that our investors would love it. A rich culture, a prosperous tourism sector and partners who specialise in finding great real estate opportunities. With a minimum investment of NIS 75,000, this could be the investment opportunity you've been looking for. Discover all the benefits of the Portuguese real estate market with the YGI Bundle!

Why join the REALTY BUNDLES revolution?

No more bureaucracy, substantial financial risks or uncertainty, with REALTY BUNDLES, investments are a breeze. We believe in Bundles, property packages that we build with trusted partners across Europe. Our standards are ridiculously high and not every agency or property meets them. We’ll provide you with 100% transparency and a constantly updated selection of investment opportunities.

  • A variety of great investment opportunities.
  • Start investing in small amounts.
  • Flexible exit options if you want out.
  • We work with trusted agencies. Our standards are HIGH.
  • We take care of the bureaucracy for you.
  • Stay updated 24\7 on our platform.
  • Profit distribution right into your bank account.

It is now possible to build an international real estate portfolio in minutes

Dive in and enjoy the peace of mind you have never before experienced in the world of real estate investment.

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What’s our strategy for this Bundle?

Portugal is one of the pearls of western Europe and a hugely attractive region for investors. With more than 300 days of sunshine, glorious beaches and low living costs, Portugal is a great place to invest. That's why the YGI Bundle invests in residential assets and development projects across the country.

What assets are in this Bundle?

The YGI Bundle focuses on both providing loans for development projects and investing in turn-key properties that require renovation or a change of use.

Who is our partner?

YGI Investments is a Lisbon-based agency founded in 2017 that focuses on long-term holdings. The company specialises in investment and property management. It provides investors with both residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities in Lisbon.

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