A portfolio of real estate assets in Portugal

The real estate market in Portugal has blossomed over the last several years, with a rich culture, a prosperous tourism sector and experienced local agencies that specialize in identifying opportunities for and achieving asset appreciation through small-scale developments. For a minimum investment of ₪ 75,000, this could be the investment opportunity you've been looking for!

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REALTY BUNDLES makes real estate investment easy. We build property packages with local partners across Europe and provide you with transparency and continuous updates on your investments.

  • Start investing with small amounts to gain experience with our service.  
  • A variety of assets that are updated regularly. 
  • Stay updated 24/7 on our platform.
  • Set your preference for either the accumulation or distribution of funds.
  • We select experienced local agencies to work with.

It is now possible to build an international real estate portfolio in minutes

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What’s our strategy for this Bundle?

The Bundle’s strategy is to create a diversified portfolio composed of residential assets and small-scale development projects with high potential gains. The strategy also involves buying assets located in areas close to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, where demand is growing.

What assets are in this Bundle?

The Portugal Bundle has invested in several development and turnkey assets in the regions in and around Lisbon and Almada. We plan to buy additional assets in Lisbon, Aveiro, Porto and other areas along the coastline and invest in development projects across the country.

Who is our partner?

YGI Investments is a Lisbon-based agency founded in 2017 that focuses on long-term holdings. The company specialises in investment and property management. It provides investors with both residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities in Lisbon.

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Portugal Regional Bundle

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