Benefits and Securities

Benefits and Securities
RealtyBundles’ investment model provides investors with securities and a range of benefits. We have designed our service to work for investors and thus offer diverse investment opportunities. Here, you will find information on how we deliver both performance and securities:

Investor Benefits

Using our services, investors can browse and invest in real estate portfolios from across the globe.

Our portfolios, or Property Bundles, are curated sets of real estate properties owned by the investors and managed by professional real estate agencies.

Investment in a Property Bundle seeks to provide the following benefits:

    generated by rentals, capital growth, development, renovation, and flipping gains

    our Property Bundles are highly varied and feature different locations, types, sizes, and more. This creates a wide range of options for investors seeking to diversify their investments

    you only need a small amount of money to start investing with RealtyBundles

    in a diversified portfolio, the underperformance of any single asset is generally compensated for by the remaining assets in the portfolio

    your investments are complete and ready to generate gains from day one

    the SPV can buy back your investments for a price that reflects their market value; alternatively, the SPV can act as an agent and match your shares/bonds with incoming buyers.

    agencies compete with one another, which should result in better offerings and gains for the investor
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Investor Securities

This service operates under UK crowdfunding legislation and provides equity and debt-type investments to investors. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) holds the legal title of the Property Bundle assets. Investors are the joint owners of the SPV. Real estate agencies provide services to investors while RealtyBundles provides services to both sides of the marketplace.

We provide investors with the following:
  • Securities

    we offer both shares and bonds securities that together provide a competitive offering for investors.

    we manage the SPVs, which are jointly owned by the investors.
  • Transparency

    we provide full transparency, with easy access to performance, rates, and fees.
  • Supervision

    we control each purchase, renovation, and sale of assets by an agency, making sure investors retain their interest.
  • Valuations

    we engage with third parties, who are all certified experts, to conduct assets valuations
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