Invest in Europe for less than NIS 20,000!

Since the launch of the Europe Bundle in November 2020, investments have been made in a variety of real estate projects in over 10 countries across Europe. The invested capital is spread over different real estate assets in the portfolio, improving the chances of success and reducing the risks.

What is special about the Europe Bundle?

  • Funds dispersed over dozens of different properties.
  • Geographic diversity across Europe and the support of over 10 real estate partners.
  • Asset diversification across different classes such as debt transactions, equity, apartments, hotels and more.
  • Investments in four different currencies (euro, pound, Swedish krona and forint) to safeguard the stability of investments.

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  • Invest with small amounts (from NIS 1,000).
  • Enjoy an innovative investment platform that keeps you updated 24/7.
  • Benefit from portfolios containing a variety of properties that are regularly refreshed.
  • Put yourself in the hands of a professional team that locates and selects the most attractive real estate investments.

How do you profit from your investment?

By investing with REALTY BUNDLES, you will own a portion (in proportion to your investment) of all the properties in the Bundle/portfolio alongside the other Bundle investors. When you invest more money, the entire investment portfolio grows and it becomes possible to add more assets.

We cooperate with the leading real estate companies in Europe

We have eyes and ears everywhere and cooperate with over 10 real estate companies in more than 10 European nations, including management firms, construction and brokerage companies, developers and more. The services offered by these companies cover conducting due diligence for properties and projects, finding properties below the market price, undertaking property renovations, managing rental properties, completing maintenance and working with local authorities, suppliers, and so on. We select our partner companies based on an in-depth examination of their years of experience, the scope of their activities and how they can help to increase our Bundles’ profits.


The above is general information only and should not be considered to constitute advice and/or an investment recommendation. All investments carry a risk of financial loss.