Now it’s simple to invest in North American real estate

Why invest in a single project if you can invest in properties across North America? With a strong and advanced economic strategy, the help of carefully selected real estate companies, a wide spread of investments over multiple projects, and investment opportunities starting at just ₪ 150,000, you can do just that.
In recent years, the housing demand in North America has increased. It's your time to join the market and ride the wave of investment success.

What’s so special about the North America Bundle?

  • The North American economy is the largest and most advanced economy in the world.
  • The Bundle invests in real estate projects, private real estate funds and debt investments in real estate.
  • The Bundle’s assets are spread across the US and Canada.
  • Affordable housing, multi-family buildings and real estate funds are prioritised.
  • Such a diversified portfolio reduces risk and improves your chances of success.

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Be one of many who joins the revolution, starting at ₪ 150,000!

A revolution in the real estate investment world!

  • An innovative investment platform that keeps you updated 24/7.
  • Portfolios containing a variety of quality properties that are updated regularly.
  • Let us find you the most attractive investment properties

How do you profit from your investment?

By investing with REALTY BUNDLES, you will own a portion (in proportion to your investment) of all the properties in the portfolio (Bundle) along with your fellow investors. When you invest more money, the investment portfolio as a whole grows and it becomes possible to add more assets to the portfolio. This results in an even wider variety of assets for you, the investor.

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Be one of the many who joins the revolution, starting at ₪ 150,000!

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