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Isn’t it great?! Now you can easily invest in a Bundle of carefully selected real estate projects throughout Finland and Sweden. We’ve made it easy for you and it’s all available with just a single online investment of up to ₪20,000.

Get more assets with fewer headaches

    Investing in a diversified portfolio in Sweden and Finland is easy; try it now and grab your piece in a cherry-picked portfolio composed of multiple real estate projects, each carefully selected by Swedish experts.

    It’s great because if something happens to one of them, it will not create a big problem for you. Remember, diversification reduces your risks and improves your chances for success.

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Be one of many who joins the revolution, starting at ₪ 1,000!


  • Diversified over multiple projects selected by experts
  • Located in developed European countries with mature investment regulatory systems
  • Experienced partners successfully funded hundreds of projects

How will you make a profit?

By investing with us, you will proportionally own a piece in the entire portfolio together with all other investors. When more money is invested, more projects are added to the portfolio, resulting in more projects generating revenue for you.

Who is our partner?

We dedicate a lot of effort to engaging the best partners, those we strongly believe in their skills and who pass our due diligence.

That's why we selected Tessin Nordic AB, a company with vast experience in the Swedish real estate market. It’s a Stockholm-based company founded in 2014. Regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Tessin provides the Bundle with a regular flow of quality investment opportunities.


The above is general information only and should not be considered to constitute advice and/or an investment recommendation. All investments carry a risk of financial loss.