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Be part of the REALTY BUNDLES investors community. With us, you can easily invest in a real estate fund formed of carefully selected real estate projects and assets across Europe. The wide variety of European assets in the fund reduces your risk. The best part is that you can start investing with just € 250.

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The Europe Bundle was launched in November 2020 and quickly achieved a diversified asset portfolio. To date, the Bundle consists of tens of assets. In the coming year, we hope to grow the Bundle to include over a hundred assets. The Bundle focuses its investments on different European real estate markets. This diversity means that if one of these markets experiences a downturn, investments in other markets can help to compensate. Remember, diversity reduces risk and improves the chances of success.

How do you make a profit?

By investing in this Bundle with REALTY BUNDLES, you will own a portion (in proportion to your investment) of the Bundle investment portfolio alongside your fellow Bundle investors. When you invest more money, more assets are added to the portfolio, resulting in greater diversification for you.

What real estate companies do we work with?

We cooperate with several real estate companies across Europe including developers, management companies, construction companies, brokerage firms and more. Some of the services offered by our partners are conducting due diligence for properties and projects, finding properties for sale at below their market price, renovations, property management, day-to-day rental property management, maintenance and working with local authorities and suppliers. We devote a lot of effort to choosing the very best partners. Everyone we work with has vast experience and expertise in their field and has passed our rigorous due diligence process.


The above is general information only and should not be considered to constitute advice and/or an investment recommendation. All investments carry a risk of financial loss.