With REALTY BUNDLES, investing in European real estate is so easy! 

We’ve curated a truly unique Bundle of different development projects and turnkey properties all over Europe! The variety will help you diversify your investment portfolio and reduce your risk. The best part? You can start investing from just € 250!

Why join the REALTY BUNDLES revolution?

REALTY BUNDLES makes real estate investment easy. We build property packages with local partners across Europe and provide you with transparency and continuous updates on your investments.

  • Start investing with small amounts to gain experience with our service.  
  • A variety of assets that are updated regularly. 
  • Stay updated 24/7 on our platform.
  • Set your preference for either the accumulation or distribution of funds.
  • We select experienced local agencies to work with.

It is now possible to build an international real estate portfolio in minutes

Learn & Invest

What is our strategy for this Bundle?

The idea behind the Europe Bundle is diversification, diversification and more diversification. So, funnily enough, this is our most diverse Bundle! It includes multiple assets from all across Europe. Why is that so important? Because diversification is our secret to investing with maximum confidence. Starting from € 250, Europe is all yours!

    What did we choose to invest in?
  • Turn key assets providing rental yields.
  • Assets with “flipping” potential to allow us to purchase, renovate and sell. 
  • Development projects involving both debt and equity. 
  • Wait a minute, what’s a “Bundle”?

What assets are in this Bundle?

Basically, any asset you can imagine. Residential, commercial, industrial, rental, buy-to-sell, “flipping” projects, you name it, we’ve got it! It’s all about creating as diverse a portfolio as possible. Diversification is a strategy typically reserved for big investors, but with the Europe Bundle, almost anyone can join the party!

Who are our partners?

Here at REALTY BUNDLES, we’ve created some fantastic partnerships with experienced agencies across Europe, bringing their knowledge learned in years of experience in real estate investments. Only selected agencies can work with us.

Are you ready to Bundle?

Be one of the first who joins the revolution, starting at € 250!

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