Unlock Budapest's Real Estate Potential

Discover the allure of the Budapest housing market with a prime opportunity to invest in one of Europe’s top educational and tourist destinations. Explore the Budapest Bundle and its extensive track record, which includes successfully flipping over a dozen apartments in downtown Budapest since 2017. Be part of our latest venture transforming classic real estate assets with panoramic views into profitable apartments. Join us with a minimum investment of ₪ 75,000 and seize this investment opportunity!

What’s so special about the Budapest Bundle?

  • Leading Сentral European city for international investors
  • Potential for further growth as housing prices remain below the average for EU cities.
  • Long-term collaboration with trustworthy local partners.
  • One of the top cultural, educational and tourist destinations in the region.
  • A balanced portfolio of value-added and turnkey assets.
  • Investor-friendly environment.
  • High potential for profits on the construction of rooftop apartments.

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Be one of many who joins the revolution, starting at ₪ 75,000!

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  • An innovative investment platform that keeps you updated 24/7.
  • Portfolios containing a variety of quality properties that are updated regularly.
  • Let us find you the most attractive investment properties

How do you profit from your investment?

By investing with REALTY BUNDLES, you will own a portion (in proportion to your investment) of all the properties in the portfolio (Bundle) along with your fellow investors. When you invest more money, the investment portfolio as a whole grows and it becomes possible to add more assets to the portfolio. This results in an even wider variety of assets for you, the investor.

Cooperation with leading real estate companies

Our strategic shift involves forging local partnerships and collaborating with developers to convert city-centre rooftops into apartments. These collaborations contribute to the substantial profit potential of our projects. Additionally, working closely with experienced local real estate agencies allows us to further diversify our portfolio and gain valuable market insights. The Budapest Bundle, established in 2017, has successfully flipped numerous properties and offers investors a unique advantage by combining local expertise, strategic collaborations, and innovative projects within one portfolio.

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Be one of the many who joins the revolution, starting at ₪ 75,000!

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The above is general information only and should not be considered to constitute advice and/or an investment recommendation. All investments carry a risk of financial loss. In accordance with the regulations of the Securities Authority, we intend to share the investment details up to 35 investors only.