Realtybundles - an incredibly smart way
to invest in properties all over the world, reducing risk and
enhancing investors’ success

If you are looking for a smart solution to how to invest your capital, RealtyBundles may be it. RealtyBundles is a platform that brings together real estate investments from all over the world. The platform allows anyone, even those with only small amounts to invest, to easily build an investment portfolio with the risk dispersed over hundreds of properties.

We've made investing
in assets simple

Everyone knows that the rich invest in real estate as part of their investment strategy and build themselves a diverse portfolio. Well, that’s fine for them, but what about everyone else? Today, the threshold for entering the real estate investment market is high and investing a large sum in a single property or project is not smart and endangers investors' money often without investors understanding the risks.

We have changed the rules of the game and built an innovative process that allows everyone, even with low amounts, to build a winning portfolio that will grow and is dispersed over thousands of properties around the world. It is a winning strategy and everything can be done from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?

Realtybundles finds private and professional real estate companies operating all over the world and carefully selects only those that satisfy strict criteria. These agencies do not have investment options for small investors and therefore they miss out on working with hundreds of millions of potential investors worldwide.

We allow the high-quality agencies we have chosen to access those small investors who invest jointly, each according to their wishes and ability. The amount invested is used to purchase numerous assets, distributing the investment over several properties and projects.

Why join?

We thought about the small private investor, their needs and concerns and their ability to truly understand the complex investments offered to them in the market. We examined the advantages and disadvantages of other investment models and came up with a new solution that earned us an award from the European Union for business innovation and helping investors to succeed.

A diverse portfolio even with
small investment amounts

You can start with a small amount and don't have to risk huge figures.

You can build an investment portfolio that includes a wide variety of properties that differ in location, size, type and managing local real estate management company.
Market expertise
and no hassle

Relax and let our experts generate passive income for you.

Our agreements with professional agencies around the world, which we have carefully selected, work for the benefit of investors. We have created value and incentives for them to produce success for our investors.
100% transparency

All transactions are conducted on an innovative digital platform where you can track and manage your investments and access regular updates and information on profit distribution, as well as advanced services that will not stop surprising you.

As a member of our investor community, you are not alone. We monitor all investments closely and stay in touch with investors over the years to take care of your interests. So, while we're making investments accessible to you, all you need to do is choose from a wide range of international real estate investment opportunities and enjoy passive income and risk dispersal.

It’s easy, with reduced risk and high diversity. We weren't kidding when we said we were reinventing the rules of the game for real estate investments.

Invest In Professionally Managed International Property Portfolios

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Start investing in international real estate today!

Even if you have never invested in real estate before and do not have a deep understanding of the field, we are here to start you on a new journey as a real estate investors using the latest and most innovative approach available today.